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Our heritage

Freeman Cobb

To track the beginnings of Cobb & Co, you need to look back to the pioneering spirit of the original Cobb & Co in the late 1800’s. The original Cobb & Co was set up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in December 1853 by four Americans: Freeman Cobb, John Peck, John Lamber & James Swanton. They commenced stage coaching between Sandridge (Port Melbourne) & Melbourne – a distance of 3 miles. The list of routes was expanded shortly thereafter to link the newer goldfields and settlements with the Victorian capital. Soon, mail contracts were awarded to the business & Cobb & Co operated a gold escort, passenger and mail service based on reliable and efficient schedules.

The advent of the motor vehicle in the early 20th Century, as well as political & economic effects from World War 1, heralded the end of an era. The decline of the coaching industry saw the inevitable closure of Cobb & Co, which had its final coach run in 1924.

Today the brand still represents the values of the original Cobb & Co coaches. Reliable, Trusted, Traditional, Accurate.

Cobb & Co Today

Cobb & Co. Clocks is a value driven, high quality clock manufacturer with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia supplying major Department Stores, Jewellers, Gift Shops and Furniture Stores worldwide.

We are famous for creating wooden clocks, made from polished wood, shinning brass, beauty and prestige. The tradition and grandeur evoked by nineteenth century Australia can be experienced once again! Cobb & Co. products are testimony to Australia's heritage and own unique character.

Cobb & Co. Clocks is now a well established brand people trust and rely on for accuracy, reliability and quality. The brand continues to grow strongly and with the addition of a barometer range customer demand has again been high, showing continued confidence in Cobb & Co. products.

All Cobb & Co. clock & barometer products come with a quality-guarantee, this is another reason why our brand is so sort after by consumers.

Cobb & Co. Clocks has always believed that business is primarily about human relationships. We believe that the more we listen to our customers and involve them in our business, the better our business will become for the future.

COBB & Co.'s range includes wooden wall clocks, wooden pendulum clocks, wooden mantle clocks, and wooden barometers.